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Police thrash Sundarbans activists during shutdown: Five activists detained, two journalists injured

Bangladesh | The Daily Star | January 26, 2017 | Star Online Report: The half-day shutdown sponsored by pro-Sundarbans activists in Dhaka ended this afternoon with daylong confrontation and showers of teargas shells at Dhaka University. Nearly a hundred teargas shells were lobbed to keep the protesters at bay there and five of them were… read more »

Police tear gas protest for mangrove forest in Dhaka

1,320-megawatt Rampal power plant, a joint India-Bangladesh project, may destroy Sundarbans forest, protesters say Anadolu Agency | 26.01.2017 | DHAKA, Bangladesh: Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at over 100 people in the capital Dhaka on Thursday who were protesting against plans to build a coal-fueled power plant that they believe would end up… read more »

Ecological Threat in pictures: How a power plant devastated the pristine beauty of a creek near Chennai

Ennore Creek mirrors scenes from the dystopian ‘Mad Max’ – a once-thriving region laid waste. India | | 26 January 2017 | Jayati Narain and TejInder Singh: A short drive north of Chennai is Ennore Creek, a backwater that stretches for kilometres into the sea and along the coast. Connected with Pulicat Lake on… read more »

Want to catch crabs? – Just stick your hands into the water and grab it!

NTV.TV | Tuesday, January 24, 2017 | Entertainment: Storm surges, currents, waves and tides are the main reason for coastal erosion. Mangroves however can stabilize the coastline with their intricate root system and forming mangroves swamps. Not only can they stop a declining coast, but they also have perfect living conditions, making it attractive to… read more »

WB on Climate Change Impact: Sundarbans at risk of losing Sundari trees

Bangladesh | The Daily Star | January 25, 2017 | Staff Correspondent: Increasing salinity in the water and soil of the Sundarbans due to climate change will leave a significant impact on the tree and fish in the mangrove forest in near future, predicts a World Bank study. Some iconic tree species like Sundari, Passur… read more »

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