List of Minor Mangrove Plant Species

The species under which genera can tolerate moderate to extreme salinity and grow in mangrove forest, but also can grow in saline-prone coastal zone or swamp, wetland or marshland are called Minor Mangrove Species. 39 species from 17 genera under 14 families are accepted as Minor Mangrove Species, although some botanists have disputes about their… read more »

List of Major Mangrove Plant Species

Major Mangrove, True Mangrove or Exclusive Mangrove species are the representing species of mangrove forests. All of the species under which genera cannot be grown up in common lands are called Major mangrove species. 45 species of 10 genera under 5 families (i.e., Acanthaceae, Combretaceae, Arecaceae, Lythraceae, Rhizophoraceae) are identified as Major or True Mangrove… read more »